Four (4) Things About . . .Leeks

I was psyched to get leeks.  I like potato leek soup, but I realize I never make it and don’t really cook with leeks.  Last year, I’m sure I braised or sauteed them.  This year, I am determined to do more.  So I did some research on the “poor man’s asparagus”.  Here’s what you should […]

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Four (4) Things About . . . Parsley

I began my love affair with parsley (among other things) when I studied abroad in Italy my junior year.  We seemed to have prezzemolo on everything and it never failed to enhance what I was eating.  I still dream about a particularly good homemade pasta with spicy mussels that was topped with parsley.  If I […]

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The Green/Yellow Bean, How Keen!

Do you ever get stuck in a cooking rut where you cook the same vegetable the same way, each time? This can be one of the pitfalls of a CSA share and eating seasonally–when veggies are in season, that’s what you are getting, week after week. Such is the case with kale, chard and beans. […]

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Four (4) Things About . . . Eggplant

Fifty percent of the people in my family really like eggplant.  I love eggplant, but I guess it’s hit or miss.  Here are some fun facts for you fellow eggplant lovers (and even you who are not yet ready to come over to the dark purple side ). -Eggplants belong in the nightshade family with […]

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Four (4) Things About . . . Carrots

Last week, one of the volunteers added an exclamation point to the carrots sign. And as I watched members come in for pick-up, without fail they exclaimed the word “carrots”. It was quite the happy day. I admit for the longest time, I was not the biggest fan of carrots. I didn’t get what all […]

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Four (4) Things About . . . STRAWBERRIES!

My apologies to those of you who are not doing the fruit share, but last week we got the reddest most ripe delicious strawberries ever.  They make a great healthy summer dessert by themselves.  They are still in season and here are four things about them (thank you wikipedia and -Strawberries are the only […]

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Four (4) Things About . . . Scapes!

We got okra when the CSA first started three years ago.   It was my favorite, but it isn’t happening anymore so I think scapes are the new winners.  Or maybe fresh mint or swiss chard . . . anyway this is about SCAPES!  I was so excited to see them this week.  I brought […]

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