Last week, one of the volunteers added an exclamation point to the carrots sign. And as I watched members come in for pick-up, without fail they exclaimed the word “carrots”. It was quite the happy day. I admit for the longest time, I was not the biggest fan of carrots. I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. My husband loves them and even my dog is almost as into them as peanut butter. But it wasn’t until this spring when I did a nutritional cleanse that I really began to enjoy the daucus carota. Carrot juice and the nice sweetness that comes from just plain steamed carrots won me over (it might be because I wasn’t eating my usual copious amounts of cheese and bacon). But I’m a carrot convert now and I was really happy that we got them. You mother was right when she told you that you would see better if you ate them. The beta-carotene helps protect vision, especially night vision. It’s antioxidant actions help provide macular degeneration and senile cataracts. Nice work beta-carotene. Here are four ways to eat carrots.

-Combine shredded carrots, beets and apples, and eat as a salad.

-For quick, nutritious soup that can be served hot or cold, purée boiled carrots and potatoes in a blender or food processor, and add herbs and spices to taste.

-Spiced carrot sticks are a flavorful variation on an old favorite at parties or at the dinner table. Soak carrot sticks in hot water spiced with cayenne, coriander seeds and salt. Allow to cool, drain and serve.

-Combine freshly squeezed carrot juice with soymilk and bananas to make a nutrient-dense breakfast shake.

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