Do you ever get stuck in a cooking rut where you cook the same vegetable the same way, each time? This can be one of the pitfalls of a CSA share and eating seasonally–when veggies are in season, that’s what you are getting, week after week.

Such is the case with kale, chard and beans. Beans are technically a fruit of a bean plant and can come in bush or pole (vine) varieties.

Here are four things you can do with beans:

1. Throw them in any casserole or stirfry. The most famous of these (if you are from the Midwest), is the Thanksgiving green bean French’s fried onion casserole. I’m sure there is a less processed-food version of this, starting with using fresh beans instead of frozen or canned. . .

2. Make Dilly Beans, a pickled bean. Surprisingly good and lasts a good long while in the fridge.

3. Eat them pure and simple–raw in a salad. Just chop them into about 1″ pieces and toss. It provides a nice crunch and a little more substance and sweetness intermixed with the soft lettuce.

4. Batter and fry them(?!) as in this Crispy Green Bean “Fry” Recipe.

I also think there must be some sort of dip potential, but it might not work as the green bean has a chewier outer shell and is a little more watery than a typical pinto or something. But if you have a good recipe to share, by all means, post it!

More: Read this extensive post about what to do with green beans.

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