Prospect Lefferts Gardens Community Supported Agriculture (PLG CSA) is committed to providing a source of fresh, healthy and organic food to the communities of Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights. PLG CSA was founded in 2007 to:

New York State

Connect residents with New York State farmers to bring fresh, local, and organic produce to the neighborhood


Bring higher quality fresh food at a better value when compared to local grocery stores


Support smaller-scale, family-run, local New York State farms that practice sustainability and land stewardship


Advance food justice by providing a way for any resident to access more fresh food in our community

Promote collective and cooperative work and encourage community in how we operate–within our group and with farms


Cultivate inclusiveness and diversity in the way we work, membership and values

How We Work

We are a volunteer, community-run group that works directly with our farmers to purchase and bring food into our neighborhood.

Ahead of the harvest season, members purchase a share in the entire season from our local farms.

With your share purchase, farmers can invest the money ahead of time for seeds, materials and equipment. 

When vegetables are ripe, the farmer harvests them 1-2 days before and delivers them to us.

As the season progresses, members can expect to receive a variety of produce based on what vegetables are in season.

Members volunteer time on Saturdays to help the CSA run, usually (about 5 hours a season).

Shift duties include site setup, unloading the farm truck, sorting and bagging produce, greeting members at pick-up, and clean up.

Members come on Saturday mornings to pick up.

There are 24 distributions of organic vegetables, from mid-June thru December. We also sell egg and fruit shares. 

PLG CSA is one many Community Supported Agriculture groups in neighborhoods across New York City.  To locate other CSAs in New York City, check out Just Food’s Value Chain Map.

Our Farmers

All our farmers are in New York State and are family run.

The Farm at Millers Crossing logo

Organic vegetables from the Farm at Millers Crossing

Samascott Farms Logo

Fruit (IPM) from Samascott Orchards

McMurry Sunset Farm logo

Pasture-raised eggs from McMurry Sunset Farms

Herondale Farm logo

Pasture-raised meat from Herondale Farm

We also do coffee orders, from Dean’s Beans, as well as syrup from Miller’s Crossing and honey from local Brooklyn beekeepers.

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