Prospect Lefferts Gardens Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between residents in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and surrounding neighborhoods and our local farmers.

Before the start of a season, members purchase “shares” of vegetables, fruit, and/or eggs (See sample share lists). This payment up front before the harvest gives the farmers much needed financing for purchasing equipment and supplies. When the season starts, the farm delivers a portion of the harvest to members every week throughout the growing season. The season is 25 distributions, weekly from early June to October and then biweekly in November and December. For specific details, click on the current season’s link above. Members get a variety of products throughout the season, all organic and freshly picked. It is a great value for residents and is a staple for many for fresh, high quality, organic produce.

Meat CSA

PLG CSA also runs a monthly meat CSA from Herondale Farm. We offer a mix of cuts of pork, chicken, beef and lamb in 10-, 15- and 20-pound shares. All meat is flash frozen and comes on the first Wednesday of the month. Click here for more information.

How We Work

PLG CSA is cooperatively run. Members of the season’s CSA are required to work three (3) shifts (total of 6 hours) in order to help the weekly distributions run smoothly. Members are supervised by site coordinators, also CSA members. The CSA registration and logistics are also collectively run by fellow share members who volunteer their time to keep the program running.

In 2018, we have provided almost 300 households with organic produce and local eggs and fruit from upstate New York.

PLG CSA is one of almost 100 Community Supported Agriculture groups in New York City.  To locate other CSAs in New York City, check out Just Food’s Value Chain Map.

What We Offer

For detailed information on share types and our farms, please refer to the following links:
Vegetable Share Information from the Farm at Millers Crossing
Fruit Share Information from Samascott Orchards
Egg Share Information from McMurry Sunset Farms.
Coffee, (pre-paid monthly orders a la carte), from Dean’s Beans