Fifty percent of the people in my family really like eggplant.  I love eggplant, but I guess it’s hit or miss.  Here are some fun facts for you fellow eggplant lovers (and even you who are not yet ready to come over to the dark purple side ).

-Eggplants belong in the nightshade family with tomatoes, sweet peppers and potatoes.

-Eggplant season is August through October. 

-When cutting an eggplant use a stainless steel knife as carbon steel will react with its phytonutrients and cause it to turn black.

-Rumor has it that eating eggplant, specifically eggplant parmigiana, will induce labor.  The restaurant Scalini’s in Georgia claims that in the past 23 years 300 women have gone into labor within 48 hours of eating there recipe.  I am including the link with the recipe below for those of you who just need to get that baby out.



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