Hooray! I’m going on vacation!  I am so ready sip fruity cocktails and sit on the beach. But what to do with my veggies?  There is nothing I hate more than food waste—especially when that food is the healthy delicious food I get from my CSA share. Do you have the same concerns?  Never fear.  Not a single hot pepper shall be wasted.  Here’s what you can do:
Email the group at plgcsa [at] googlegroups.com.
Someone is always going to want more.  See if there are any takers within the CSA who want your pick-up.

Tell us.
We can make your share for you and put it in the share bin.  So your fellow CSA-ers can pick and choose what they want. Email distro [at] plgcsa.org.

Give it to someone.
Ask a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, or the boy you have a crush on. Lots of people want what you get every week. They are all around us. Let them have a turn. Email distro [at] plgcsa.org for a basic instruction sheet that you can send to your substitute.

You are going on vacation. And you need it. We all can see that you’ve been stressed out lately. So don’t stress about this. Your friendly volunteers will take care of the leftovers and donate them at the end of the night. No worries. Just put on your sunblock, drink responsibly and know that even though the end of vacation is sad, there will be some other seasonal treat waiting for you the first Tuesday you come back.

Bon voyage!