Now that we are starting our CSA season, at times, we get vegetables that we don’t normally eat, haven’t seen before or are just “tired of.” The CSA is a great opportunity to branch out and try new things or reinvent old standards. Here are some links to sites that I have used to experiment or find new ways to cook vegetables. I have had great success with each one. If you have a recipe you love and would like to share, please send it to We hope to feature specific recipes in the future.

This site is the archives of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines (both owned by the same company) with user ratings and level of difficulty. Just type in an ingredient and find many, many recipes that include it. I’ve used it for Thanksgivings, vegetarian recipes, potato and leek soup, random ingredients I have that I need to put together into something edible, and quick 15 minute recipes.

This site is like having everyone’s recipe box at your fingertips. Many of the recipes have that home-cooked feel and there are user reviews and ratings with suggestions on improvements. We found several baked buffalo wing recipes here and a gyro loaf.

3. The New York Times Dining Section
For the foodie in you, there are reviews, recipes (from Mark Bittman, among others), and stories. The NYT Magazine also has a (very small) food section but has some excellent recipes. This recipe for Guinness Pot Pie is really amazing (but skip making the trotters and you can make it all veg by using tofu!).

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