For all you knitters and crafters, Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm has started up a new (possibly the first ever) yarn CSA. For $100, you can buy a share of their spring 2008 harvest, and they will ship the yarn to you when it’s ready. Here’s some more info from their website:

Our farm is dedicated to producing the finest fleeces, roving and yarn by giving our animals the best possible care. We are deeply committed to raising our goats and sheep on a natural diet of pasture and hay for as much of the year as possible. We’ve also made a conscious decision to have our fleeces processed by a small, family-owned, solar-powered mill owned by goat farmers, rather than sending them to a big commercial processor.

After shearing, we’ll let our friends at the mill work their magic and soon you’ll receive your share of the harvest. The number of skeins, yardage, etc., will depend on the size of the clip but we are limiting our shareholders this first year to ensure that everyone gets a bountiful supply. You can choose to take all of your share in one kind of yarn or receive a sampler with some of each of the yarns we produce, including mohair, kid mohair, cormo and cotswold.

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