Well, it’s been a gluttonous couple of weeks.  After vacation, I am trying to eat healthier and spend less. It’s time to stat making more meals at home.  Luckily I have a full pantry and lots of good produce from the CSA every week.  I was really happy about the fruit share this week.   I live for those donut peaches.  But they didn’t last long.  My kids and I basically sat at the dining room table eating donut peaches and apricots.  I was thrilled that they loved the fruit so much.  My husband is lucky that I managed to save a couple for him.  It wasn’t easy.   For dinner we made veggie kebobs on the grill.  I put  potato, zucchini, garlic, pepper and red onion (not CSA) on  a wooden skewer brushed with some oil and I also mixed some eggplant with oil and salt and pepper and parsley and grilled it.  It was a super satisfying cheap healthy meal.  The next night I decided to tackle the beans.  I’m not that into beans.  I think I may have been forced to eat them as a child.  When I saw them at pick-up, I wasn’t too happy, but I am trying to use everything so I found this recipe which used the beans and the parsley (see below).  Very quick and easy.  I served that over a Trader Joe’s grains mix and added lots of salt and pepper.  It was really good. I may be changing my tune about beans.

There have been some dinner and lunch salads with peppers and tomatoes.  Tonight I think we will be grilling some hot dogs and making a hobo pack with the potatoes.  I think by the time my next share comes around, I will be all done with last week’s for the first time ever.  I love the challenge of trying to use everything in different ways.


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