Farmer David Unloading the TruckWow, it’s hard to believe it’s been six weeks already. Our CSA is doing great! Distribution has been going more smoothly every time, thanks to all the volunteers who have been doing a fabulous job. We also have a brand new newsletter which debuted this week, and CSA tote bags will be coming soon. Our first farm trip is coming up in a few weeks on July 28th, and we’ll be having a pot luck picnic after that (date tbd). Big thanks to everyone who has jumped in to help out!!

This weeks delivery included mixed salad greens, asian greens, heads of lettuce, carrots or beets or turnips, snow peas or snap peas, dill or parsley or basil, tomatoes, kale or swiss chard, scallions or onions, and broccoli. What does everyone think so far? Have you been happy with the quality and quantity of the produce? Is it a good value for the money? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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