Tuesday, July 21st is FoodprintNYC Call-In Day to your City Council representative!

So far 11 City Council members have signed on as co-sponsors. Make sure your representative shows their support!

Tomorrow, take action to support FoodprintNYC!

Calling your representative is fast, easy, and effective. You can call on your way to the subway, while walking your dog or on your way home from the office. Every call that you make in support of or against a policy issue gets recorded.

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On June 30, NYC Council Member Bill de Blasio introduced a groundbreaking resolution in the City Council that calls for a citywide “FoodprintNYC” initiative.

Resolution 2049 is the first ever to address climate change exclusively through our food system and proposes “FoodprintNYC,” a citywide initiative designed to lessen the impact the City’s food choices and production systems have on climate change through the launch of a public awareness campaign, greater access to local, fresh, healthy food, and the mobilization of the financial and technical support needed to sustain these efforts, especially in low-income communities as well as city-run institutions.

It is estimated that globally one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from agriculture and land use changes, and that approximately 12% of the total GHG emissions per U.S. household result from growing, packing, preparing and shipping food nationwide.

FoodprintNYC, pushed for by the NYC Foodprint Alliance, is meant to build on PlaNYC, which aims to reduce global warming and encourage environmental awareness, yet does not address food and farming. The resolution also builds upon the environmentally friendly policies and programs recommended in the Manhattan Borough President’s 2009 report “Food in the Public Interest.”

For more information: www.foodprintusa.org or nadia@justfood.org.