As the end of the season approaches, it’s kind of sad to think about having to start buying vegetables at the grocery store again like everyone else. Here are some ways to stretch out your CSA harvest into the winter…

While heartier squashes and root crops can last for a few months if stored correctly, freezing, drying and canning will preserve those vegetables that cannot be stored for long periods of time. The processes of both freezing and drying maintain the most nutritional value of the food. Vegetables that you would cook before eating are best suited for freezing, while fruits such as apples and perennial herbs are the best drying candidates. Canning, or sterilizing food by sealing it in glass containers, can enable food to last for years although some nutritional content is lost during the canning process.

For more info, check out these canning tips from the Daily Green, freezing tips from Garden Guides, and drying tips from the National Center for Food Preservation.

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