This week instead of focusing on a single fruit or veggie, I am highlighting four things I think are necessary to have around to make the most out of your CSA.  The first year I was a member, I always had a surplus of food.  I just didn’t know what to make with all these vegtables.  Now I feel like I have it figured out a little better.  Thanks to these items I am able to plan my menu weekly and make the most of my veggies.  I’m not talking about olive oil, parmesan cheese, or other staples that I think most people have in their pantry.  I think it’s a given that you need these to enhance flavor.  And while bacon is a must for me, I decided to make the list vegetarian.  Of course this is just what works for me.  If YOU have any must haves that help your CSA work better,  let us know

-Feta cheese.  To crumble into  salad greens and lettuce and all the herbs we get.

-Currants.  With some feta and these babies I make my go-to swiss chard recipe

-White beans. The dried ones that you soak.  They are hearty and yummy.  Beans and greens is a great meal and I was lucky enough to recently sample some white bean scape dip and it blew me away,

-Sweet potato.  To steam with broccoli or bok choy for an uber-healthy night or for a sweet potato kale soup that is a fan favorite.

For swiss chard recipe

For sweet potato chowder

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