According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, chopping or crushing garlic activates its natural cancer-fighting components. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad: toss that just-crushed garlic into the pot to cook, and you instantly deactivate those same substances.

“If you think this means you have to resort to chomping raw garlic to get the benefits, you (and your loved ones) will be relieved to know that research has uncovered a loophole,” said AICR Nutrition Advisor Karen Collins, RD. “There’s a way to turn on those cancer-fighting components and keep them going, even under high temperatures. It involves doing nothing. For, say, about the time it’ll take you to prep the other ingredients in whatever meal you’re making.”

Research shows that letting chopped or crushed garlic sit at room temperature for as little as ten minutes gives the garlic enough time to activate its anti-cancer substances. For more details read the full article here.

Thanks for the tip Barbara!

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