This week’s “A Cookbook I Wanna Eat” was submitted by PLGCSA member Megan Hackett.

I like eating the best when someone else is doing the cooking.

But if it is my turn to cook, then please let it be vegetables (from our CSA share!). Because I probably won’t overcook them (like I do to most animals due mostly from my irrational fear of food poisoning and such). It also gives me a good excuse to peruse one of my favorite cookbooks while I contemplate what to make. Or have my husband make. Chez Panisse Vegetables is a very pretty and calming book. I love the vegetable and herb prints that begin each section. Alice Waters offers a bit of background on each category, teasers about how they are enjoyed at Chez Panisse, and finally, storage advice as well as directions for their most simple preparations. Then, as if that weren’t enough, there are actual recipes. Most of the recipes are fairly uncomplicated. The chard gratin in particular is delicious and there are lots of nice salads. I’m into salads (no cooking required and perfect for summer).There is also a Chez Panisse Fruits book that I may have to steal from my friends’ kitchen once the Hepworth Farm bounty starts arriving again. If anyone knows what to do with all those plums, it’s Alice.

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