It’s been a while since we’ve updated this site, and we apologize for the confusion and lack of activity. Such is the nature of an all volunteer-group :) The site will be going through some transformations in the coming weeks, but wanted to get this post up to let folks know that our 2012 PLG CSA Season is now open for registration!.

We have some really exciting news so keep reading for more information on this year’s CSA. For more detailed information, download the Registration Form HERE.

For new members, your registration form and payment/deposit are due April 13! This is so we can get the farmer payments and information in a timely fashion.

Some basic info:

  • Our vegetable farmer is Miller’s Crossing, the same farmer that Flatbush Farm Share uses. We chose this farmer because of their size, experience, value and to offer residents in PLG, Flatbush, Crown Heights and surrounding areas a great CSA.
  • We also offer fruit shares from Breezy Hill Orchards; eggs and pasta shares from Knoll Krest Farms and an a monthly la carte coffee order from Dean’s Beans. There are two new products we hope to bring to the CSA (read below for more info).
  • The season is 22 weeks, from June 9 to November 3.
  • Pickup is at Maple Street School on SATURDAY mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (FYI, Flatbush Farm Share is Wednesday evenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. if weekends don’t work for you)
  • We are a cooperatively run CSA. This means that members assist in setting up, running and cleaning up the weekly distribution. Members are required to work 2 shifts (about 2.5 hours long) over the course of the season.
  • There are no half/full shares, we offer single or double shares. Double is exactly twice the single. Single will feed 1-2 and double will work for 3-4 (depending on how you eat).
  • We are looking for site coordinators for 5-7 weeks each to supervise the complete distribution. We can offer a free single share for this. You don’t have to work them all in sequence and we’ll be working with the site coordinators to see how this can work best (e.g. splitting shifts, etc.). Check the box on the form if you are interested or contact us at
  • We have a LIMITED number of income-based tiered shares. Contact us or return the form if you would like more information.
  • We have a 3-payment plan. Your first payment with your registration form is due Friday, April 13, 2012.

There are TWO new products we’d like to bring to the CSA–a meat share and a cheese share. The meat share is beef/pork/lamb and/or chicken from Herondale Farm, who sells organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb and chicken. The beef share is available in 15 or 10 pounds and the chicken share is a 10 pound share. These are once a month pickups. For your information, our family has been doing the beef/pork/lamb share this winter and the quality, variety and flavor has been really great. Meat is usually the most expensive product for local/organic and the cost for this share is actually slightly cheaper and more direct than if you purchased it from an online butcher like Fleischers or from Whole Foods or Fresh Direct. All meats come vaccuum packed and frozen for easy storage. If you think this is too much for one household, then we can arrange a split share with someone else (which is what we are doing) so don’t let that keep you from signing up! It’s really a good quality and value considering that meat of this kind is difficult to get at a reasonable price.

The cheese share we are exploring is from Cricket Creek Farm, an award-winning dairy located in Williamstown, MA. This cheese share is a more “artisanal” cheese share, not your typical cheddar/feta kind of deal, so keep that in mind. Costs and more details can be found in the registration form. BOTH these shares will require a minimum number of people to commit of at least 20-30 so we need your response (not payment) by April 6 if you are interested. Payment details and forms will be sent after we get a count.

We are looking for some site coordinators. If you are interested in a free share in exchange for coordinating distribution on 5-6 Saturdays, please check the box or email You don’t have to work dates in sequence and we are still deciding how this can best work for those who will be site coordinators so keep that in mind that you’ll be involved in making this work for you. We anticipate that having site coordinators will really help us keep thing moving and organized so please consider getting involved!

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