This week get to know Mya.  And if you like Scrabble, she would like to get to know you.

Who are you? Mya Walker

What do you do? Stay at home mama

Where do you live? Rutland One

Where did you grow up? California

How long have you been a member? This is my first year.

When you do your pickup where are you coming from? Either home or the Botanic Garden where I sometimes hang out with other moms and babies.

Where are you going to? Home to eat some veggies!

What are you never without at pickup? My CSA bag and plastic bags, everything else is variable.

What time is it usually? Between 4:30 and 5:00, I try to get there before “the rush”.

Who cooks your veggies/fruits? Definitely me!

Who eats them? The hubby and the baby. The pugs like carrots…

What do you think you use the most? That’s a tough one, I use it all, love it all.

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie score? Again I LOVE everything, but I get really excited about the fresh garlic. I was so surprised at how moist and delicious it was the first time I used it. ALL garlic should be like this!

What’s the best part of the CSA? It is supporting great health in our community. To eat well is to be well.

Is there a fun fact about you that you would like to share? I kick ass at Scrabble! Can I say ass? I can’t even get anyone I know to play with me anymore, it’s kinda sad…

If you were a fruit or veggie what would you be? Why? Maybe an apple – they are delicious, crunchy and refreshing, very good for you (apple a day and all that) and my son Maxwell loves ‘em. He requests one at least once a day.

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