This week, meet Anita.  She makes rain.

Who are you? Anita Mambo Cohn

What do you do? I hang out with my one-year-old son, Joaquin and chow/lab, Lionel. I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, three days a week.

Where do you live? Sterling St. between Rogers and Nostrand

Where did you grow up? Kenya, New York City and Western Pennsylvania

How long have you been a member? Since it began!

When you do your pickup where are you coming from? It varies but Joaquin and I usually are en route from the Botanic Gardens.

Where are you going to? Usually home to feed my hungry baby.

What are you never without at pickup ? My kid!

What time is it usually? 4:30-5:30

Who cooks your veggies/fruits? My husband and I do.

Who eats them? The adults do. Joaquin is currently going through a “no slimy veggies” phase right now but he loves fruit and will eat zukes, if grilled with olive oil.

What do you think you use the most? Tomatoes

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie score? Nectarines, collards

What’s the best part of the CSA? Farm fresh food with a community-oriented focus.

Is there a fun fact about you that you would like to share? My second middle name “Nyumvula” means “comes with the rain.” When my husband and I traveled to a small desert town in Northern India, we were told it hadn’t rained for four long years. My husband, Mischa joked that because I had arrived things might change. The very next day, it poured! Our host family expressed their sheer joy and gratitude by dancing with us, on their rooftop, in the rain.

If you were a fruit or veggie what would you be? Why? A nectarine- they are sweet, refreshing, colorful and so satisfying.