This week’s profile of CSA member Anita Womack was submitted by CSA member Mischa Cohn.

Though Anita Womack has only been a CSA member since 2008 she has had farm-fresh food in her blood since birth. Both of her parents grew up living on farms in the South and she spent childhood weekends traveling with them to farms outside of St. Louis to pick veggies.

Anita’s day job is writing. She was a journalist for the Associated Press in Washington, D.C., on the Metro Desk. Her last job in journalism was with Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, where she covered the Food and Drug Administration. Anita was one of the news industry’s primary sources for reporting on P&G’s attempts to downplay the unsavory side effects of Olestra. She also covered some of the early government hearings on the then new AIDS “cocktail” treatments. She currently works for the State of New York developing a quarterly journal covering the NY court system.

Documentary filmmaking is also Anita’s passion. She’s currently working on a film project called “Betting on Black” about an African-American neighborhood in Las Vegas. The community is filing lawsuits against the city over a huge barrier wall that was constructed to encourage growth on The Strip but that severely limits access to and from their neighborhood. This film will air on PBS in 2010.

Look for Anita, her husband Fritz Weidner, their adult son Christopher, and dog Sula (after the Toni Morrison novel) at CSA pickup this summer and around the PLG.

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