This week find out why Ana is a lot like the coffee bean she helps get to you every other week.

Who are you? Ana and André Costa

What do you do? Teach Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art form

Where do you live? Lincoln Road between Bedford and Flatbush

Where did you grow up? Liberia, Kenya and Ithaca, NY (Ana), Brasilia, Brazil (Andre)

How long have you been a member? A few months

When you do your pickup where are you coming from? Julia’s gymnastics or playground

Where are you going to? Home! Exhausted!

What are you never without at pickup ? Our daughter, Julia

What time is it usually? 7pm ish

Who cooks your veggies/fruits? Me!

Who eats them? The whole family!

What do you think you use the most? Variety! & Collard Greens—I want more Collard Greens!

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie score? Basil and peaches

What’s the best part of the CSA? It is so close to home.

What does your community mean to you and how do you try to affect it? Community is inseparable from Capoeira and we foster a strong community amongst our students both inside and outside of the classroom.  We organize events in our back yard (Prospect Park) as a great meeting ground for our community.

Is there a fun fact about you that you would like to share? I was California’s youngest state pasteurizer at 18 years of age, pasteurizing organic goat milk and making delicious goat cheese with edible flowers and herbs for Sea Stars.

If you were a fruit or veggie what would you be?  Why?  I would be a bean—black, pinto or garbanzo.  Beans are a strong, delicious, complete and versatile food.  Or I could even be the energizing and joy-giving coffee-bean, roasted and brewed to perfection!

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