Who are you?
Brett Beyer, lover of bike rides, camping, Coney Island, Big Sur California, good rock shows, old cameras, and tasty drinks with friends.

What do you do?
I’m a photographer that lately has been photographing CSA vegetables.  I also take pictures of urban sports like Parkour and BMX, musicians, cityscapes, and architectural interiors.   I’ve been experimenting with video and am doing my first music video in a few weeks.  Here is my website:   www.brettbeyer.com

Where do you live?
On Washington Avenue between Sullivan and Montgomery with my girlfriend Jenny (also a member).  The Botanic Garden is across the street.  I rent out studio space around the corner at Montgomery Gardens.

Where did you grow up?
Staten Island and New Jersey

How long have you been a member?
This is our second year.

When you do your pickup where are you coming from?
Recently I’ve been photographing homes all over the city so it could be Fort Greene, Midtown, the West Village, Ditmas Park, etc.

Sometimes I don’t have a job and I just walk over from home and that’s nice.

Where are you going to?
Back Home

What are you never without at pickup?
I have about a 50% success rate of remembering to bring plastic bags so a big Thank You to all the people that bring bags for others to use.  I’m gonna bring my camera to one soon to photograph the distribution and get some nice shots of those sweet looking green smocks.

What time is it usually?
Varies but usually around 6 p.m.

Who cooks your veggies/fruits?
Me and Jenny both cook them at home.

Who eats them?
Mainly us but we’ve had some friends over for dinner lately and that’s been great.

What do you think you use the most?
The Swiss Chard is usually the first to go.  Don’t mean to brag, but I feel that I’ve achieved a sauteing mastery with this amazing vegetable.

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie score?
Swiss Chard, zucchini, strawberries

What’s the best part of the CSA?
Always having awesome fresh fruit and vegetables in my fridge.

Is there a fun fact about you that you would like to share?
Here are three: I can ride no hands on my bike, I occasionally do voice overs, and I once was a brew master at a chai factory in California.

If you were a fruit or veggie what would you be?  Why?
Uhhhh…… I don’t know if I feel like an apple but I’ve eaten so many of them that I’m probably part apple by now.  (Side note:  Michael Pollan’s “Botany of Desire” has an amazing section on the history of apples.  Highly recommend it.)

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