PLEASE check your email and MAKE SURE you receive a confirmation email and that your share orders are correct! If you do not get an email from us YOUR SHARE IS NOT CONFIRMED. Please contact us at so we can check.

Payment Information Reminder

Remember to submit your payment via Venmo or check/cash/money order. BE SURE TO PUT YOUR MEMBER ID NUMBER THAT IS LISTED IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL ON YOUR PAYMENT.

If you prefer to pay electronically by Venmo, please send your deposit or full payment to @plgcsa or search The last 4 digits of the phone number associated with our account is 4568. DO NOT WAIT FOR A REQUEST FROM US.

Please make checks/money orders payable to: PLG CSA. You can mail payment or drop it off to:
Karen Oh
270 Sterling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225

If you chose a payment schedule, here is the suggested schedule:

Due upon registration:
Due upon registration:
20% – 30%
June 1 (or before):
Remaining 50%/balance
May 1:
Half of remaining balance
June 1 (or before):
Remaining balance