The CSA is committed to ensuring that ALL can afford organic, super fresh, local vegetables regardless of income. In 2023, we provided over $10,000 in subsidies to approximately 12% of the membership. We are NOT eligible for grants (we are not a 501(c)3 non-profit) so all money for subsidies must be raised through generous donations from our membership which limits the amount of funds we have to give. A limited number of discounts are available based on income level and household size and are based on single shares of vegetables, fruit AND/OR eggs. (Additional shares will be at full price.).

If you need a subsidy (discount), there is no formal application process. Subsidies are for people who need it due to their own personal situations and we trust you to make that decision. Read the following to determine if you should or should not take a subsidy.

Some (not all) examples of why you SHOULD take a subsidy:

  • You are unemployed
  • You or anyone in your household do not have the ability to work
  • You are on Social Security, SSDI, or have a chronic illness with medical expenses
  • You receive government assistance (e.g. SNAP)
  • You are the sole earner in your household of 2 or more
  • You are un(der)insured
  • You face significant debt, immigration fees or rehabilitation fees

Some (not all) examples of why you SHOULD NOT take a subsidy, if:

  • You work part-time by choice
  • You can afford to pay over several months
  • You can afford to travel
  • You have a support network who can help you financially when you need
  • You own a home, apartment or property
  • You live with others who have the ability to work or are working

See the household and income tiers below for subsidy levels. We based income levels on New York City’s Area Median Income (AMI) and the US Housing and Urban Development adjusted home income limits, but choose the discount that makes the most sense for you. Your information will be kept confidential.

If you still think you can’t afford the CSA, please contact us at and we can figure it out! We do not want to keep you from joining because you thi

50% CSA discount
35% CSA discount
20% CSA discount
Number in Household
1Under $41,800$41,800 – $50,160$50,160 – $58,520
2Under $47,750$47,750 – $57,300$57,300 – $66,850
3Under $53,700$53,700 – $64,440$64,440 – $75,180
4Under $59,650$59,650 – $71,580$71,580 – $83,510
5Under $64,450$64,450 – $77,340$77,340 – $90,230
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