This week get to know musician Miles and get ready to have some outdoor space envy. Miles just released a critically-acclaimed jazz CD, Generations. Find out more at

Who are you? Miles Okazaki: Composer, Composter

What do you do? Play and write music (for guitar and other instruments)

Where do you live? Winthrop Street

Where did you grow up? Port Townsend (small town in the Pacific Northwest, near Victoria, B.C.)

How long have you been a member? This is the 2nd year

When you do your pickup where are you coming from? Usually from home

Where are you going to? And back home again

What are you never without at pickup? Headphones

What time is it usually? Around 5

Who cooks your veggies/fruits? Me or wife (Pavani Thagirisa)

Who eats them? As above

What do you think you use the most? Kale

What’s your favorite fruit or veggie score? Garlic Scapes

What’s the best part of the CSA? Meeting new folks from the neighborhood

Is there a fun fact about you that you would like to share? We built a backyard garden.

If you were a fruit or veggie what would you be?  Why? Squash—I’m a late bloomer.

Check out the garden here.
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