McMurray Sunset Farms

Mcmurry Sunset FarmsSunset Farm is a small family owned farm located in Washington County, town of Argyle, NY. They raise meat birds for chicken and laying hens for eggs. They are committed to raising quality all natural meat products and eggs that have no hormones or by-products.

All birds and eggs are pastured which means they have a door on the barn door which give them access to a large fenced in area behind our barn. The birds have access to this area from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Often times you can find birds sunbathing on a nice sunny day or digging through the grass looking for insects. None of the eggs are laid outside because for the first month a bird is here they train it to lay in the nesting system inside the barn so they don’t get crushed or lost in the dirt outside. By evening, the birds natrually make their way back into the barn for the night. Doors are secured to keep out predators such as foxes, raccoons and weasels. If it is raining they don’t have much interest in being outside and can stay inside. Other days when its nice they like to run out and see if anything has changed over night. They are curious creatures by nature and feel the need to investigate things they see every day.

All feed for birds have no soy, growth hormones, antibiotics or animal bi-products. This helps produce eggs that have a nice golden yolk. They are a state inspected Article 5 A facility.

See the current seasons’s share info for pricing and registration information.