Do you ever pretend you discover you are somehow related to someone famous?  No, well I do.  I like to pretend that someone is Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and that when she finds out she is my geat aunt she invites me over to her house.   Now, I’ve watched her show A LOT and I love her kitchen.  She actually has rotisserie indoors.  In my admittedly weird fantasy, I would bring her my CSA loot and she would whip something wonderful up while I sat at the island drinking wine and sampling whatever she put in front of me. I would be so charming that at the end of our day she would invite me to join her on her next trip to Italy.  But of course, this is (probably) never going to happen.  So instead I can read about her adventures and make swiss chard with cannelini beans the way she would by reading Lidia’s Italy.  If you are an omnivore as I am, you will enjoy recipes like Fettucine with Tomato and Chicken Liver Sauce.  If you aren’t, you will like all the ways she uses vegetables like in Smothered Eggplant and Summer Vegtables..  Plus, the book is a bit of a travel guide with pictures of ten diverse regions of Italy that Lidia loves.  Until Zia Lidia finds me, this is all I got.  Check it out.

Send me a cookbook YOU wanna eat, because you don’t want to hear about anymore of my weird food fantasies, do you?

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