The average New York City household throws away two pounds of organic waste each day. This adds up to over one million tons of organic waste per year, most of which is transported to landfills. The transportation of waste is very expensive and causes pollution. When organic waste is buried in landfills, it is cut off from oxygen and decomposers. By throwing away compostable materials we not only use up precious landfill space, we also discard a valuable resource that can help to grow beautiful gardens, lawns, and houseplants.

Join Green Edge Collaborative this Sunday March 30th at Rebar for dinner and composting advice. Experts from the Queens Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Botanical Garden will be there to discuss how we can compost in our urban homes!

What to Bring:
• Your favorite organic seasonal dish to share
• Your recipe for a chance to win a copy of The Real Food Revival by Sherri Brooks Vinton
• Your ConEd account number to sign-up for WIND Power and receive $10 off your next Eco-Eatery Tour

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